NEW MUSIC: Angus Legg – 3rd Grade Art

Emerging from the edge of heartbreak, Melbourne singer-songwriter, Angus Legg is crafting a bright, hopeful future with pop track ‘3rd Grade Art’. 

An effortlessly catchy pop tune, ‘3rd Grade Art’ wastes no time with its clever and beaming intro, before exploding into a collection of textured and colourful production. Angus’s honeyed vocals sing sweetly, “All the little dumb unnecessary fights / only to forget about it the next night / we’ve been making a scene from the very start,” and with an unstoppable infectious melody, Angus continues,  “Our love kinda looks like / a piece of 3rd Grade Art.” An upbeat and personable track that began shaded with negative emotion is now brushed with colour. “The metaphorical undertone felt playful, light and energetic, however, I was having a tough time with my partner at the time and decided I would use this idea to frame our difficulties in a new, positive light,” explains Angus. 

Sweet, sincere Angus has created a perfectly cheeky film clip to accompany the track. Oozing with comical charisma and optimistic spirit, the video follows Angus unleashing his inner-kid in an irresistibly goofy montage, starring himself as both an artist and his own muse. With generous splashes of youth and humour, Angus paints a colourful picture of carefree fun on top of the song’s tender lyrical canvas.
 With the ability to transform a touching narrative into an uplifting masterpiece, Angus Legg’s radiant brand of indie-pop paints the perfect picture. 

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