NEW MUSIC: Andrea Di Giovanni – ‘Wild Romance’

Taking his inspiration from the greats; Whitney Houston, Mary J Blige, Michael Jackson and Queen, Andrea started singing lessons at the age of 8 years old. Though he respected his mother’s wishes and finished his education, it wasn’t long before Andrea was making a name for himself within the Italian music industry.

But it hasn’t always been plain sailing for Andrea. He spent a lot of his younger life struggling with his sexuality and identity. Coming from a strict Italian background, there was no shortage of oppression from the wider community.  Andrea was subject to bullying as a child, and as a result became withdrawn and shy. It was at this young age that he turned to music as a means of solace and to express his innermost feelings.

Inspired by his musical idols, Andrea began to develop his craft, taking singing lessons and experimenting with pushing boundaries. At 18, he moved to London and enrolled at the British Institute of Modern Music. He became a huge fan of androgyny as a concept, portrayed through the work of Vetements, Versace, Alexander McQueen and Balenciaga, and has adapted this to fit with his own vision, combining the elegant yet edgy. Andrea is a firm believer in style telling its own story… and that it is an extension of a person’s soul.

Combining this with his desire to perform, Andrea comes armed with an album of new music set to be released throughout 2018. Previous singles have been championed by The Line of Best Fit, Clash Music, Spotify Fresh Finds and a number of online tastemakers. He also reached the final of Pride’s Got Talent and received a personal backing from judge Sinitta, confirming Andrea as “A star.. Original and fantastic.”

For Andrea, the visual element of his music is paramount to the story of his personal and artistic development.  “Wild Romance” is the third chapter in the autobiographical story of pain, conflict and triumph that is Andrea’s art. “Our Own Way” was a visual interpretation of Andrea’s struggle for identity. An internal conflict to find his own identity and path from previous struggles. “Drowning”, was the exploration of Andrea’s overwhelming pain, anxiety and confusion with his identity. Wild Romance, is Andrea’s battle call. A moment of confrontation, a refusal to be shackled by his fears and doubts any more.

“This song is about the beginning stages of a new relationship; I am madly in love and I want to live and explore this wild romance. I want to be taken for this crazy ride in this new world where I feel accepted and loved. It’s wild though, there’s still a subtle melancholy in the air, I could still get hurt and things could still go wrong. The third step of the journey: dangerous/wild/naughty exploration of the lgbtqi+ world.”

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