New Music: Adapt or Die ‘Dream Control’

Adapt or Die‘Dream Control’ EP out on Sweat It Out May 31st.

What of the music? It’s bangs, yet is deep, it’s techno, but with groove, it makes you squint your eyes and pull that serious head, but at the same time, bob it half time, as if to emphasise how much you love it. Make no mistake, their ain’t no b-side on this release.

In the left corner we have Tony Mitolo, founding member of the Swiss, and otherwise found banging on drums for Pnau and Empire of the Sun no less. In the right corner we have Alex Gooden, also a touring member of Empire and Pnau and add to that, Gypsy and the Cat, Bluejuice and Spank Rock to name but a few. Bonding in Berlin in 07 whilst touring with Pnau, the only question we want to know, is why did it take them this long to make music together?

Get Adapt or Die’s ‘Dream Control’ EP on Sweat It Out – available everywhere from May 31st.

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