Keeping The Demon Faith; Courage For Stynes

The week of torture continued for the Dees yesterday at the hands of a 76 point loss to the Blues at the MCG – their finals hopes now fading fast. Melbourne faces the West Coast Eagles next week at Etihad Stadium in a match the looms as make or break for their season. A loss here will signify curtains for the club and snuff out any chance of making the finals. The courage of Jim Stynes shone over the MCG yesterday when the Club President was allowed discharge and a ticket to watch his beloved Demons play across from the Peter Mac Callum Cancer Centre and into the MCG. Garry Lyon continues his ‘5 week’ role at the club – a capacity filled by the great in a position that still remains unclear. The supporters of the club are fast losing hope, patience running thin and faith now almost a distant memory. We pray for a miraculous win at a stadium the Demons haven’t won at in 7 years and a first victory for ‘care-taker’ coach Todd Viney.

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