Foxtel releases ‘Deadline Gallipoli’ SNEAK PEEK

Foxtel’s powerful new Australian mini-series Deadline Gallipoli will premiere on the showcase channel in April, with its ‘first look’ promo campaign screening from this Australia Day weekend.
Deadline Gallipoli is a fresh look at the Gallipoli legend, from the perspective of four war correspondents, starring Sam Worthington as Phillip Schuler, Hugh Dancy as Ellis Ashmead-Bartlett, Ewen Leslie as Keith Murdoch and introducing Joel Jackson as Charles Bean.
These were the first truly embedded war correspondents whose defiance ignited a change in the campaign’s course and whose commitment to the stories of the men who turned the war from a strategic failure into a triumph of the human spirit.

The four hour mini-series follows the campaign from its beginnings in Cairo through to the evacuation from the cove nine months later and finally to 2015 where the life long legacy of the journalists finds its most bitter sweet prize – those who died have not been forgotten. 
Following each of the journalists as they travel through months of this bloody battle, we see the men they meet and watch killed, the friendships they make, the woman one falls in love with and the lessons they learn about themselves and what it means to be a witness to such brutality. 
Filmed in South Australia across nine weeks, the Deadline Gallipoli cast also includes Charles Dance as General Hamilton, the Commander of the Gallipoli campaign, Rachel Griffiths as his wife Lady Hamilton, Bryan Brown as General Bridges, Anna Torv as Gwendoline Churchill and Jessica de Gouw as Nurse Vera Grant.
Deadline Gallipoli is produced by Matchbox Pictures and Full Clip for Foxtel’s showcase channel.

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