Cold Chisel – Forever Now (1982)

Get ready for it Chisel fans… COLD CHISEL are about to release 56 brand spanking new tracks, unreleased and unheard including rare recordings, unseen live footage as well as six DVDs and more than 40 performances which have been unseen by the world! From the 56 tracks, some will include performances from 1977, 78 as well as rare b-sides and original demos. The Chisel classic catalogue is set to be released on July 22.

“Listening to all of this music and watching all of this footage from the past has been amazing” said Jimmy Barnes. “There are songs and performances we’d completely forgotten about; there were times we said, ‘did we really play that’? Some tracks here we only ever played once or twice and there are demos of songs that turned into something else. It’s been a real trip through our past and reminded us that we were OK for a rock and roll band.” ~ Jimmy Barnes

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