Jessica Mauboy Guest Performer for Australia at Eurovision 2014!

AND the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest for 2014 is … Australia.

Well, that is still a dream but for the first time Australia will be represented, as a guest, at the iconic singing competition, being held in Denmark in May.

Jessica Mauboy has been chosen by SBS to perform at the invitation of the European Broadcast Union in recognition of our love affair with the over-the-top annual entertainment event. The contest organisers have become aware in recent years that Australians adore the kitsch grandeur of the performances and production which SBS has screened here for more than 30 years.

Europe bound … Jessica Mauboy will be the first Australian invited to perform as a guest at the Eurovision Song Contest with SBS hosts Julia Zemiro and Sam Pang. They sent out a delegation recently to meet with Mauboy, who wrote a new song with Potbelleez hit maker Ilan Kidron last week to perform in a guest spot during the second semi-final.

While she has yet to decide on its title, Mauboy said the up-tempo song would not only reflect her indigenous heritage but resonate with the European cultures competing.

“The song speaks of ancient dreaming but I also wanted to convey a message that whatever country you represent, you have to bring that culture to the next generation,” she said. “Every time I listen to it I get another layer of goosebumps, so introducing it to the world is going to be so powerful.”

Jessica Mauboy has continued to find international exposure, more recently in the 44th season of Seasame Street. Her moment at Eurovision will be invaluable in launching her career there with a television audience of more than 180 million estimated to tune in.

It is believed her song will also be released online immediately after the performance not only in Australia but throughout Europe.

And the Darwin entertainer is hoping her visit may also lead to her first encounter with royalty. “I have a feeling I might get to meet Princess Mary which would be a moment I will never forget,” she said. SBS hosts Julia Zemiro and Sam Pang will be helping her to negotiate the mammoth production.

No borders … Jessica Mauboy will be the first solo artist from outside the European Union to perform at the iconic Eurovision Song Contest in May. “I think Europeans will genuinely lose their minds when they see Jess perform. They’ll be thankful she isn’t competing that is for sure,” Zemiro said.

Other Australians who have graced the Eurovision stage but as competitors representing England include Olivia Newton John (who lost to ABBA), the New Seekers and Gina G.

Mauboy will be the first solo artist from outside Europe to perform on the show.

SBS has been shadowing the Sapphires star from the moment she discovered she had been chosen to represent Australia and will screen the documentary Jessica Mauboy’s Road to Eurovision on May 10 before the coverage of the second semi-final. The grand final airs on May 11.

‘The Sapphires’ Australian Film Masterpiece!

Ok, now we’re just plain showing off… The Sapphires, the brand new Australian film featuring Chris O’Dowd, Deborah Mailman, Jessica Mauboy, Shari Sebbens and Miranda Tapsell is released to cinemas on August 9 2012 – this film will no doubt be up there with our countries greatest. Ever.

“The Sapphires is an inspirational tale set in the heady days of the late ‘60s about a quartet of young, talented singers from a remote Aboriginal mission, discovered and guided by a kind-hearted, soul-loving manager. Plucked from obscurity, the four spirited women with powerhouse voices – called The Sapphires – are given the opportunity to entertain American troops in Vietnam. Catapulted onto the world stage as Australia’s answer to the Supremes, their journey of discovery offers them not only the chance to show off their musical skills, but find love and togetherness, experience loss and grow as women.”
“The Sapphires is an adaptation of the hugely successful Australian stage musical of the same name, and is inspired by the remarkable true story of writer Tony Briggs’ mother and three aunts. The four Sapphires are joyfully played by AFI Award winner Deborah Mailman, Australian pop sensation Jessica Mauboy and newcomers Miranda Tapsell and Shair Sebbens. Bridesmaids actor Chris O’Dowd delivers a tour de force comic performance as their manager, that is at once incredibly funny, likeable and genuine.”  
“Receiving a ten minute standing ovation at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival, The Sapphires is a crowd-pleasing combination of comedy, heart and romance and an unbeatable soul music soundtrack, set against the racial and social upheaval of the late 1960s. A jewel-bright charmer and an Australian classic, The Sapphires is not to be missed.” ~ Hopscotch Films 

The Sapphires ‘Official Trailer’ ( In Cinemas August 9 2012)

Jessica Mauboy ‘Inescapable’ Aussie Chart Success!

Jessica Mauboy is still rolling with the success of the Aussie charts with the new single Inescapable which holds on to a Top 20 position this week – the single sitting at #14, having reached a peak of #4. One of few Australian Idol contestants who are making good use of their opportunities.

Jessica Mauboy – Inescapable (2011)