Free Hugs: Darren Hayes Hug Fest!

Darren Hayes has posted a somewhat ‘hug fest’ themed video on YouTube. Darren posting this message for fans –
Sometimes the things that make us most happy cost nothing at all.
A call to arms on Twitter to ask strangers for a hug resulted in an outpouring of love one afternoon at London’s Somerset House. Captured on mine and a friend’s iPhone and set to ‘Bloodstained Heart’.

Don’t you just want to give the big buggerlug an almighty hug? Come ‘ere boy! #Love

Bloodstained Heart EP Out Now!

The exclusive iTunes bundle for Darren Hayes’ next UK single ‘Bloodstained Heart’ is available for pre-order today (UK). The official release is on Monday, 27th Feb. The EP features 3 mixes of the stunning Bloodstained Heart and an exclusive, never before heard track ‘Ending Before I Begin’.  Click here to pre-order now

1. Bloodstained Heart (Radio Mix)
2. Bloodstained Heart (Monsieur Adi Mix)
3. Bloodstained Heart (Kryder Club Mix)
4. Ending Before I Begin

Darren Hayes Wants YOU For The Sirens Call!

Darren Hayes has placed a call to arms for all his fans of the world to be part of the next special video presentation for Secret Codes and Battleships track Siren’s Call
To all of our friends around the world,
Darren wants your input to create an official fan video piece for the album track ‘Siren’s Call’ – the stunning final track on his brilliant new album ‘Secret Codes and Battleships’. As many of you know, this song seems to have struck a chord with audiences around the world and Darren wanted to recognise the special sentiment of the song by involving you,  in the creation of a fan generated lyric video with content supplied by YOU. Send in your photos, video pieces, footage – anything you think fits in with the theme of the song which is about overcoming an ocean of fears and insecurities amidst a journey to happiness.  It could be literal (sirens, oceans and greek mythology) it could be abstract (colours, signs, symbols) it could be photos of loved ones long gone or far away….
Send your email submissions to

EXCLUSIVE PHOTO & VIDEO SPECIAL: Darren Hayes ‘The Secret Tour’ Live In Melbourne

DARREN HAYES has rocked Melbourne’s Forum Theater on Wednesday November 2nd to a massive sellout crowd. Hayes who touched down in Australia a couple of days before, prepared for the night of his life – the excitement clearly evident to fans who witness our Aussie dynamo deliver a range of new tunes, pop anthems and classic Savage Garden. It was labelled ‘The Secret Tour‘, a tour that signaled to the world that Darren was making a mammoth comeback in the music industry.
The night started with support act Brendan Maclean, who showed the crowd quite a clever way to use small instruments and hitting the notes via the keys on his piano. Maclean has been likened to that of a mini Rufus Wainwright – quite unique in his own way as Brendan sang tunes made famous by Katy Perry and Lady Gaga. The crowd enjoyed what they saw and sent Maclean off stage at the conclusion of his performance with quite a rapturous applause.

Taken By The Sea was Darren’s opening track, he arrived on a darkened stage under an umbrella. The crowd now vocal as they welcomed home their favorite son.

Darren Hayes ‘The Secret Tour’ Setlist
Taken By The Sea
Talk Talk Talk
To The Moon and Back
Don’t Give Up
Bloodstained Heart
The Animal Song
Black Out The Sun
Break Me Shake Me (Bille Jean Mix)
Stupid Mistake
Popular / When Will I Be Famous
Hot Tub Blues – We Are Smug
I Don’t Know You Anymore

Crush 1980 Me / Spin / A DJ Saved My Life / Music
Truly Madly Deeply
The Siren’s Call 

Fans of all ages, young, old, male, female, gay and straight united in Darren’s music as the night became one huge party. We got hits like To The Moon and Back, Affirmation, Truly Madly Deeply and The Animal Song – hits from Savage Garden that are now part of Australian music history. 

We then witnessed the new side to Darren Hayes, new tracks from his massive smash album Secret Codes and BattleshipsTalk Talk Talk, Black Out The Sun and the big Aussie hit Bloodstained Heart. The highlight of the night had arrived, Darren moved to tears as he delivered the last note of the song, the crowd in awe of his vocal power… the man we know as ‘Darren Hayes’ was back!

The night continued to climax as we watched the many faces of Darren Hayes come to life. Sporting face paint and makeup, Darren waved his magical wand and gave the crowd a spectacular night to remember. We got mash-ups, the world famous Michael Jackson hit Billie Jean was mixed into the Savage Garden hit Break Me Shake Me, then Bros, the 80’s hit-makers made a cameo with When Will I Be Famous, mashed up into the Hayes hit Popular. It was quite a performance, from start to finish the crowd were part of the show, Darren engaging at every opportunity. Darren closed the night with The Siren’s Call, a spine tingling tune that fans were quick to embrace – what a special night it was, what an amazing artist.

I wish Darren every bit of success and hope Australia follows this great man through the next chapter of his musical journey.

Take a special look at my photo and video roll from my night with Darren Hayes!

Photographs & Video: Brian Peel
Copyright theaussieword 2011

Brendan Maclean in his supporting act prior to Darren Hayes

Darren Hayes Has The X Factor!

Darren Hayes performs a Savage Garden medley with
X Factor contestants 
Darren Hayes wowed the X Factor crowd last night with an amazing performance of new Aussie single Bloodstained Heart as well as a very special Savage Garden medley. We were treated to Savage Garden hits To The Moon and Back, I Want You and a personal favourite Affirmation. Darren appeared back on stage to perform Bloodstained Heart – this one is a must see, it was nothing short of spectacular! Darren Hayes arrives in Melbourne for his show ‘The Secret Tour’ at the Forum this time next week (November 2nd) – limited tickets available, people of Melbourne, make sure you get along and support!

Darren Hayes – Bloodstained Heart
Live on the X Factor 

Brendan Maclean Supports Darren Hayes Tour

Aussie Sydneysider Brendan Maclean will be the supporting act for Darren Hayes when the tour kicks off in Australia in a little over a weeks time. Melbourne’s Forum is the place to be to see both boys in action. Darren has been on the receiving end of some rave reviews in London, it will be a warm welcome to Melbourne – a town fond of his talents. Check out this video from Brendan Maclean – this one is ‘Cold and Happy’. Few tickets for the November 2 show at the Forum are still available, don’t miss it.

Brendan Maclean – Cold and Happy

Darren Hayes: The Making Of ‘Secret Codes and Battleships’

Darren Hayes delivers a special insight and behind the scenes look at the making of new album ‘Secret Codes and Battleships‘. This Friday 21st of October is the official release date for all us Aussies!
Click READ MORE to watch the exclusive behind the scenes preview!

Darren Hayes – The Making Of ‘Secret Codes and Battleships’

Darren Hayes: Secret Codes And Battle Ships Preview

Darren Hayes has given fans around the world a sneak preview into the brand new album Secret Codes And Battle Ships which is officially released in the UK on Oct 17 and Oct 21 for the rest of the world. The album boasts a beautiful sound, a tune with great beat. It’s what great records are made of, a sure hit.

Darren will showcase his best work to date at the upcoming tour of Australia – Melbourne’s Forum on November 2nd. Listening to the preview tonight sent shivers down the spine. They are new tunes with a ‘Spin’ and a touch of true Savage Garden sound. It’s an absolute masterpiece, an album you won’t want to miss! Take a look at the preview!

Darren Hayes – Secret Codes And Battle Ships
Sneak Preview