Barry Gibb’s Tribute To Brother Robin

Barry Gibb has been grieving in private since the death of beloved brother and fellow Bee Gee Robin Gibb, on the back of this, Barry has released the following video, a compilation of scenes taken from the lives of all the Gibb brothers – set to the soundtrack Heart Like Mine. RIP Robin.

2 thoughts on “Barry Gibb’s Tribute To Brother Robin”

  1. How deep is Barry's love for his brothers? Incredibly deep. I believe we choose the families we are born into. As far-fetched as that sounds, these four souls are testament to the fact that soul-mates exist in and out of time. Dear Barry, Robin said how exciting it was to be born into the Gibb family, to be with you and to work with you. You all survived a break-up only to realize that family is the most important thing and you came back together, learned to love each other again. Please rest in knowing your brothers are not gone from you. Bodding, Mo and Andy are with you, surrounding you, holding you up and will be there to take you home when it is your time to go and be with them. Your soul connection to each other is incredibly powerful, beautiful and as vast as the universe. That love is what will get you through this. Bodding will be missed by many, especially by you and your family, but he is not gone from you. He is there. Soul connections such as you all shared, cannot be cut asunder even when the body ceases to be. Robin's was/is an incredibly powerful soul. He could sense things and feel things deeply and I believe Maurice never left you both, and that was why Robin could never accept he was really gone. He probably felt Mo around him all the time. They'll be there for you now, for you and for Robin's family, for your mother and sister. The Gibb family love is powerful. It's not 'Good-bye'. It's 'See you later, bro.'

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