ABBA ‘Ring Ring’ Deluxe Edition Release

The next release in the ABBA Deluxe Edition series revisits the group’s debut album, Ring Ring, originally issued in 1973. 

Featuring the very first ABBA recording, People Need Love, along with well-known tracks such as He Is Your Brother and the groundbreaking title track, the original album has been expanded with no less than 13 bonus tracks, 4 of which are new to CD, plus a DVD of rare television material. Ring Ring Deluxe Edition will be released October 14, 2013.
The first disc in the 2-disc package is a CD, which features the original album plus 13 bonus tracks. The bonus selections seek to expand the view of the album by including not only various non-album single sides, but also the rare original versions of the album tracks I Saw It In The Mirror and I Am Just A Girl, both of which were Björn and Benny productions for other artists.
The scope of ABBA’s early years is further expanded by bonus tracks such as the rare 1970 recording There’s A Little Man, featuring Agnetha on backing vocals, her first contribution to a recording written and produced by Björn and Benny; Man vill ju leva lite dessemellan, a 1972 hit single for Frida featuring backing vocals by her fellow ABBA members; En hälsning till vÃ¥ra parkarrangörer, an ultra-rare spoken-word promotion single from 1972 on which the four ABBA members talk up their 1973 tour of Sweden; Hej gamle man!, the 1970 hit recording that was the first to feature all four ABBA members; and the 1971 singleVälkommen till världen by Lill-Babs, written and produced by Benny and enhanced by prominent backing vocals by the four future ABBA members.
The DVD features rare television performances of People Need Love and Ring Ring from Swedish and Austrian TV, respectively, plus a 2012 report from Swedish television wherein Benny tells the story of the writing and recording of Ring Ring, the first song to feature the famous multi-layered ABBA sound. In the report, Benny goes in-depth on the group’s creative process, isolating the different tracks on the original multi-track tape.
The package also includes a 20-page illustrated booklet featuring an extensive essay on the making of the album.

Track List:


  • Original Album
    • Ring Ring
    • Another Town, Another Train
    • Disillusion
    • People Need Love
    • I Saw It In The Mirror
    • Nina, Pretty Ballerina
    • Love Isn’t Easy (But It Sure Is Hard Enough)
    • Me And Bobby And Bobby’s Brother
    • He Is Your Brother
    • She’s My Kind Of Girl
    • I Am Just A Girl
    • Rock’n Roll Band
  • Bonus Tracks
    • Ring Ring (bara du slog en signal)
    • Merry-Go-Round
    • Santa Rosa
    • Ring Ring (spanish version)
    • Wer im Wartesaal der Liebe Steht (german version of Another Town, Another Train)
    • Ring Ring (german version)
    • En hälsning till vÃ¥ra parkarrangörer (promotional release advertisesing 1973 tour of Sweden)
  • Additional Bonus Tracks and Early Versions
    • Hej gamle man – Björn and Benny
    • There’s A Little Man – Billy g-son
    • I Saw It In the Mirror – Billy G-son
    • Jag är blott en man – Jarl Kulle
    • Man vill ju leva lite dessemellan – Anni-Frid Lyngstad
    • Välkommen till världen – Lill-Babs


  • People Need Love (Vi i femman, SVT)
  • Ring Ring (Spotlight, ORF)
  • Ring Ring Revealed (SVT)
  • International sleeve gallery

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