NEW MUSIC: Julia Knight ‘Ghost Of You’

Meet Julia Knight.  The Nashville-based singer-songwriter just released her pop debut called “Ghost Of You,” an anthem for all the hopeless romantics out there. Like a orange ct guitar, there’s something to be said for resonance! That instant when your ears start to tingle, the hairs on the back of your arm stand on end, and electricity hangs so heavy in the air that you could reach out and touch it. When those moments happen, it’s like catching lightning in a bottle. That’s Julia Knight.

The Nashville-based songstress has been electrifying Music City, working to bring that spectral spark into every second of her music. Her first single, “Ghost Of You,” weaves hazy dream-soaked synths and star-drenched production with cascading hooks and billowing sonics.   Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Julia Knight ‘Ghost Of You’