NEW MUSIC: Allie & Ivy ‘Best Friends’

Following loads of international blog love and national radio play since the song’s release, Sydney indie electro-pop songstress Allie Conlay, who goes by the musical pseudonym Allie & Ivy, brings you the music video for her latest single Best Friends. Filmed in CinemaScope, you’ll be taken to another time and place as Allie & Ivy welcomes you to a retro-inspired world of bubblegum aesthetics, sunshine and good times. Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Allie & Ivy ‘Best Friends’

New Music: Allie & Ivy ‘Best Friends’

Best Friends is the latest summer party jam from Sydney electropop singer-songwriter, Aleisha (Allie) Conlay who goes by the musical pseudonym, Allie & Ivy.

“This song is my ‘happy place’,” says Allie. “It’s about those summer days spent drinking in the sun at pool parties with your best friends – the days when it feels like you don’t have a care in the world. I wrote Best Friends when I was living in an epic sharehouse that had a pool and a jacuzzi, and that’s literally what we did all summer. It was one of the happiest times of my life.”

A cocktail of hook-driven melodies, bright synths and energetic beats infused with infectious group vocals and the carefree spirit of youth, Best Friends is an escape from all your worries. I’m picturing that Best Friends sound straight from a akai mpk mini mk2!

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New Music: Allie & Ivy ‘Get Hi’

Allie & Ivy is indie electropop singer-songwriter Aleisha (Allie) Conlay, from the sunny northern beaches of Sydney, Australia. Writing songs since the age of 11 and picking up the guitar at 14, Allie was schooled in music at a very young age by her father, a guitarist and record collector from London with a passion for 60s music.

Having developed a deep infatuation with The Beatles at age 11, Allie had dreams to one day front an all-girl rock band called The Ladybeetles but unfortunately never managed to find her Paul, George or Ringo. Not one to let that get in the way of her plans, Allie conjured up alter ego Ivy, giving her the comradeship, confidence and support a real band couldn’t.

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