GOSTI: Single ‘Boy’ & Video Launch

Acoustic pop songstress GOSTI is back again to launch her second single – ‘Boy’ – from her 2012 album The Travel Tree. Scheduled for Friday 23 August at the Wesley Anne, Gosti will be performing an unplugged set with strings, hand percussion and acoustic guitar. Zane Beck and Jeremy Doolan will be supporting.

Gosti’s wind-swept lyrics tell tales of nostalgia and fragility. Her smoky intimate voice is accompanied by a menagerie of acoustic instruments and is snug in Melbourne’s indie-folk scene.

“… drifty, ethereal, and positively cockle-warming, even if what she’s singing about is a little more sombre. There can always be lighter parts found in the shade of the darkest trees, and we think that Gosti illuminates this little patch of goodness.”
– Georgia Frances King, Frankie Magazine

“Gosti’s voice has the ability to take you to another world, a dreamy, relaxing world.”
– Daniella Bagnara, The AU Review

“The Travel Tree is filled with whimsical, wistful lyrics […] Throughout the album we see a vast array of interesting techniques and strong work”
– Alice Thompson, AdamNotEve

Gosti has received high rotation radio play on C91.3 in Sydney, performed at various festivals and most recently won the Songs Alive Australia songwriting competition in 2012. After a sabbatical in Canada to write and record her ambitious new album The Travel Tree, Larissa returns to Melbourne to bring her latest songs to the stage.

Launch date: Friday 23 August
Launch venue: The Wesley Anne
Supports: Zane Beck and Jeremy Doolan

Special Interview: Larissa Agosti ‘Gosti’

Check out theaussieword.com’s special interview with‘Gosti’!

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What can you tell our readers about you? How and where did it all begin?
My name is Larissa Agosti aka Gosti, and I’m a singer songwriter from Melbourne Australia. It all began in Sydney when my love for the classical piano grew into a love of song writing and I started to discover folk music. I started to play in venues in Sydney around the age of eighteen and developed a love for playing music to audiences. About three years ago I moved to Melbourne to discover all the amazing live music venues.
What had you first interested in music?
My Dad definitely had me first interested in music, as he is a drummer. I was always fascinated by his openness to play in different styles and genres. This opened my palette as a young impressionable child.

Who motivates or influences your quest to make great music?
I think the people I’m surrounded with help to motivate or influence my quest to make great music. This could be family, friends or somebody I’ve met along the way.
Do you have any planned tours coming up?
Not as yet but maybe later in the year!
What are some of your biggest goals you hope to accomplish as an artist?
I’d really love to gain recognition as a songwriter. I think that has been one of my goals for a long time now. I’d love to write really great songs and be able to produce really great music.
What can fans expect from you in the coming months?
I’m preparing for my first single and video launch for 2013. This is for my song Victorian which is taken from my debut album The Travel Tree.
Success, what is the secret to it and what has been your biggest career highlight so far?
Definitely winning a song writing award recently for my song Once More. Also, more recently getting a song placed in a feature film called Torn Devotion which premiers on April 10th.
Which stars of the music industry do you find inspiring?
Somebody like Tori Amos who has been in the music industry for many years and is so well respected. I find her to be such an inspiring musician due to the fact that she has always played the music that she has loved and not let anyone alter her in any way.
How would you best describe you and your music to your fans?
I would describe myself as relaxed, reflective and lyrical. I think my music is folk pop mixed with a wooden spoon.
What can you tell us about your latest album?
My latest (and first) album The Travel Tree is a travel concept album mostly written in Canada when I was travelling and living over there. They are a collection of songs with a running theme to do with travel, movement and change.
Are there any new exciting projects in the works?
I’ve got a live acoustic version of my single Victorian that I’m going to be releasing soon. It’s a really stripped back version that I’ve reinterpreted for piano and vocal.
The music industry is huge, where do you see yourself a few years from now?
Hopefully still creating music that I love to write and play and hopefully being involved with music for film and TV. I love the idea of music and image.
Name a few of your favourite Aussie artists.
Something For Kate
Matt Corby
Sarah Blasko
The shape of the music industry has changed significantly over the years, including the use of social media, how do you feel about the industry as a whole and what does it mean to you in getting your records out into the public eye?
I think there has been a massive shift in the industry as a whole. I think it is great that artist can now become self managed and control what they do and when they do it. It is hard, and a lot of work to try and ensure that your music gets out there to the public and people are made aware of it. For me, as an artist, it has meant that I’ve been in control of every aspect of my music and that can sometimes is really hard to juggle doing it all.
Thank you for the interview! What can you leave fans of theaussieword.com with here today?
Gosti’s debut album The Travel Tree is available on iTunes now!