The Eagles 2013 Tour Setlist!

The Eagles have opened up their latest tour in Kentucky USA with the following setlist!

There’s a few classics in this playlist!

First Set

  • Saturday Night (from Desperado, 1973)
  • Train Leaves Here This Morning (from Eagles, 1972)
  • Peaceful Easy Feeling (from Eagles, 1972)
  • Witchy Woman (from Eagles, 1972)
  • Tequila Sunrise (from Desperado, 1973)
  • Doolin Dalton (from Desperado, 1973)
  • Doolin Dalton/Desperado reprise (from Desperado, 1973)
  • Desperado (from Desperado, 1973)
  • Already Gone (from On The Border, 1974)
  • Best Of My Love (from On The Border, 1974)
  • Lyin’ Eyes (from One Of These Nights, 1975)
  • One Of These Nights (from One Of These Nights, 1975)
  • Take It To The Limit (from One Of These Nights, 1975)

Second Set

  • Wasted Time – reprise (from Hotel California, 1976)
  • Pretty Maids All In A Row (from Hotel California, 1976)
  • I Can’t Tell You Why (from The Long Run, 1979)
  • New Kid In Town (from Hotel California, 1976)
  • Love Will Keep Us Alive (from Hell Freezes Over, 1994)
  • Heartache Tonight (from The Long Run, 1979)
  • Those Shoes (from The Long Run, 1979)
  • In The City (from The Long Run, 1979)
  • Life’s Been Good (from Joe Walsh’s But Seriously Folks, 1978)
  • The Long Run (from The Long Run, 1979)
  • Funk #49 (from the James Gang’s James Gang Rides Again, 1970)
  • Life In The Fast Lane (from Hotel California, 1976)

Encore 1

  • Hotel California (from Hotel California, 1976)

Encore 2

  • Take It Easy (from Eagles, 1972)
  • Rocky Mountain Way (from Joe Walsh’s The Smoker You Drink, The Player You Get, 1973)
  • Desperado (with Bernie Leadon) (from Desperado, 1973)

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