Gypsy and the Cat (Sound Museum Interview)

Gypsy and the Cat‘s Xavier and Lionel chat with Sound Museum hosts Brian and Leo in the JOY studios.

The guys chat about the success of their first two albums, 2010’s Gilgamesh and 2012’s The Late Blue, touring overseas and touring Australia with Kylie Minogue on her 2011 Aphrodite tour.IMG_6596-1024x1024

Xavier and Lionel also chat about the music industry, working on their new EP Hearts A Gun, collaborating with Client Liaison and what fans can expect from the upcoming new album, due early 2016.

Visit the Gypsy and the Cat website and follow the guys on Facebook and Twitter.

The new EP Hearts A Gun is available now on iTunes.

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Slinkee Minx (Sound Museum Interview)

Annemarie and Michelle from Slinkee Minx chat with Sound Museum hosts Brian and Leo in the JOY studios.

The Melbourne based duo chat about their top 5 2004 hit Summer Rain – a cover of the Belinda Carlisle’s classic track, touring the country and chart success overseas.

IMG_6245Annemarie and Michelle also chat about collaborating with various dance producers, the new single Lift Me Up and what fans can expect from their forthcoming EP – due early 2016.

For all the news on Slinkee Minx you can visit their website and follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Download their previous singles, debut album Electric Dreams and the new single Lift Me Up from iTunes.

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Marcella Detroit (Sound Museum Interview)

Sound Museum hosts Brian and Leo chat with US singer-songwriScreen Shot 2016-01-28 at 4.10.28 PMter Marcella Detroit.

Marcella chats about the early days of her career, working with Eric Clapton and performing with him at the historical Live Aid concert in 1985.

Marcella also chats about her time in Shakespears Sister with Siobhan Fahey (ex Bananarama), the worldwide hit Stay and the duo’s breakup.

Marcella talks about appearing on the UK reality tv show Popstar To Opera Star, meeting Australian drag queen and entertainer Courtney Act, how the music industry has changed over the years and her new album Gray Matterz featuring the single England Calling.

** This extended interview contains extra content especially for this podcast. **

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Rachel Costanzo (Sound Museum Interview)

Sound Museum hosts Brian and Leo chat with Melbourne independent singer-songwriter Rachel Costanzo.IMG_9213-e1439252415238-508x1024

Rachel chats about singing her favourite songs and uploading videos to YouTube, working with Michael Paynter and Michael Delorenzis from MSquared Productions on her music and how her song Blindside got a kick start from Melbourne commercial radio station FoxFM.

Rachel talks about her stunning new single Miles Away, the inspiration behind the track and filming the video in Melbourne.

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Urban Cone (Sound Museum Interview)

Tim, Jacob and Emil from Urban Cone droppIMG_9102-e1438043917814-698x1024ed into the JOY studios to chat with Sound Museum hosts Brian and Leo. (Magnus and Rasmus sadly couldn’t make it as they were at soundcheck).

In this extended podcast exclusive the guys chat about how the band got together, recording their debut album in Rasmus’ parent’s living room and and the track Come With Me with Tove Lo.

They chat about the latest album Polaroid Memories, the new single Weekends, the story behind the track Sadness Disease and the track Treasure.

The boys talk about touring the world, their time in Melbourne and answer some quick fire music questions.

**This podcast contains extra content not broadcast on JOY 94.9**

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Nussy (Sound Museum Interview)

Melbourne singer-songwriter and DJ Nussy pops in for a chScreen Shot 2016-01-28 at 3.50.58 PMat with Sound Museum hosts Brian and Leo.

From starting music at the age of four through to playing gigs across Melbourne and Sydney, Nussy shares her experiences, influences and motivators behind her career thus far.

Nussy reflects on her debut single & EP Dizzy, which was released in 2014.

She also gives an insight into the edgy new provocative video and latest single My Heroin and her plans for a new EP later this year.

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Oh Mercy / Alexander Gow (Sound Museum Interview)

In this extended podcast exclusive Oh Mercy front man Alexander Gow drops in to the JOY studios to chat with Sound Museum hosts Brian and Leo about his new album When We Talk About Love.No Mercy June 18th 2015 (24)
Alex shares his experience abroad in the USA, including the story behind his latest album artwork, getting backstage at a Blondie gig, his strange encounter in a US gym sauna plus how and the idea for the stunning video Sandy which has racked up over 20,000 views on VEVO.
Alex also performs a stunning live acoustic rendition of Let Me Be Hima track taken from the latest album When We Talk About Love.

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Giorgio Moroder Music Special (Sound Museum)

Celebrating the music of Giorgio Moroder, Sound Museum hosts Brian and Leo spin tracks from the new album Déjà Vu plus classic gems from Donna Summer, Irene Cara and Berlin.Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 3.38.05 PM.png
Giorgio chats about his collaborations with Kylie Minogue, Sia, Charli XCX, Foxes and Britney Spears plus working with Irene Cara, Berlin and Donna Summer on those classic worldwide awarding winning hits.
This extended podcast also includes Giorgio Moroder speaking about those Lady Gaga rumours.

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Patrick James (Sound Museum Interview)

Sound Museum hosts Brian and Leo chat with Australian independent singer-songwriter Patrick James.Patrick-James-California-Song-e1433936753649-300x272

Patrick chats about his early music influences, how his sound has developed since his 2013 debut EP All About To Change and using his music in television shows such as Offspring and Wonderland.

Patrick also talks about the new single California Song, recording his debut album and his upcoming Melbourne show.

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Adam Lambert (Sound Museum Special Interview)

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 3.13.09 PM.pngIn this extended podcast exclusive with Adam Lambert, Sound Museum hosts Brian and Leo are joined by super fan Katie to chat about Adam’s new album The Original High.

Adam reflects on his last studio album Trespassing, the new single Ghost Town and the process recording the new album The Original High.

Adam chats about touring with Queen, the upcoming tour of South America, his favourite tracks to perform live, keeping fit and marriage equality.Continue reading

Sheena Easton Interview

Brian Peel speaks with Sheena Easton in this very special JOY 94.9 Sound Museum interview.

Scottish recording artist Sheena Easton crashed the 80’s and gained worldwide success wi12109260_10153381873699086_2434840831102017587_nth hits such as 9 to 5 Morning Train, Modern Girl and For Your Eyes Only the theme song from the James Bond movie and We’ve Got Tonight, her duet with Kenny Rogers.

Her later work with Prince also proved a success, spawning Strut, Sugar Walls and U Got the Look.

She’s a two-time Grammy Award winner, has recorded 16 studio albums – 6 Gold albums and 1 Platinum – and has sold over 20 million records worldwide.

Sheena chats about her upcoming Australian tour, what it was like recording hits with the likes of Princeand Kenny Rogers, her love for her LGBTIQ fans plus Brian and Sheena take a look back on Sheena’s past catalogue of hits.

Sheena Easton commences her Australian tour on Friday November 20th – she plays The Palms At Crown in Melbourne on Saturday December 5 – Tickets on sale now

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Aufgang Interview

Rami Khalife and Aymeric Westrich are Aufgang, a critically acclaimed duo from France. Songwriter and pianist Rami joins Brian Peel on the phone from Paris for a chat about their great Aufgang sound and their latest single Summer.

Aufgang are said to have a DIY culture. Their knowledge of urban and electronic sounds blending with piano live drums and techno-inspired electronics set Aufgang aside in a league of its own.

With a very interactive catchy music video for Summer, Aufgang have already started to make an impact on the Aussie music market as the #1 Australian top 20 streamed tracks on MPE. Keep your eye out for more Aufgang in the years to come.

Join Rami and Brian for this special JOY 94.9 interview.

More from Aufgang at and @aufgangofficial on Twitter, Instagram & YouTube. You can also keep up with Aufgang on Facebook. The hot new single Summer is out now!

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DJ Piero Interview

DJ Piero has been in the music industry for 15 years and he’s one of Melbourne’s best-loved, hardest working and professional DJs.

Piero speaks with Brian Peel on JOY 94.9 about how he sustains his energy, versatility and creativity through his sets plus what it was like collaborating with Sebastian Ivanov (aka Alius) on the brand new single When We Were Young.

Piero has several gigs lined up around Melbourne. Visit his social media links below to find out more, purchase some tickets or pick up a copy of the latest single.

Check out DJ Piero on these social channels >> Twitter, Soundcloud, Facebook and Instagram.

When We Were Young ft. Alius out now via iTunes.

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Mischief Interview

Brian Peel chats with Eesha Hunjon, one of the girls from new Aussie pop group Mischief.

Eesha speaks to Brian about the groups up and coming staScreen Shot 2016-01-28 at 12.25.17 AM.pngtus, their fun music videos and their love for pop music.

Eesha gives JOY 94.9 listeners an insight into the lyrics behind the new single Last Night In Vegas.

Catch up with Mischief on their website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The new single Last Night In Vegas is out now on iTunes.

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Iva Davies / Icehouse Interview

Brian Peel chats to Iva Davies, frontman of Australian rock legends Icehouse in a special JOY 94.9 interview.

Brian and Iva take a look back at the achievements, the accolades CS1fIhqUkAEaoDl-228x300and the music that defined Icehouse and shaped the Australian music industry.

Icehouse achieved mainstream chart success with hits such as Electric Blue, Crazy, Great Southern Land and My Obsession all Top 5 singles in Australia. The album Man of Colours hit #1 in Australia, going 7 times platinum back in 1987. The album, still one of the highest selling albums in Australia by an Australian band.

Brian chats to Iva about Icehouse’ induction into the ARIA Hall of Fame in 2006 and his long standing work in the community. Brian takes Iva back to relive the classic CS1fIdWWEAALskc-204x300Icehouse catalogue of hits and what his experience was working alongside music industry icons David Bowie, Peter Gabriel, Bryan Ferry, Roxy Music, Simple Minds, Robert Palmer, The Psychedelic Furs, Nik Kershaw and the legendary Hall & Oates. Iva also highlights his brief encounter with another Aussie music icon, INXS.

Great Southern Land is an Icehouse track known to many Australians, some will insist it’s our countries unofficial national anthem, listen to Brian and Iva chat about the song which has etched its name into Aussie folklore and the huge impact Icehouse’ music had on the Australian public.

This full interview includes special bonus content which was not aired on JOY 94.9!

Iva Davies – a true Australian music legend. Join Iva and Brian for this very special JOY 94.9 interview.

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XY&O Interview

Brian Peel catches up with the boys from XY&O, a pop electronic trio from Cardiff, Wales.

XY&O’s single Low Tide amassed over one million Spotify streams online with worldwide exposure. The next single release was Lights On – an absolute brilliant follow up track. Brian speaks to Skip (Vocals/Guitar), Tudor (Programming/Keys) & Nick (Lead Guitar) about their formation, their take on the music industry todayxyo, the use of digital social media channels plus what’s ahead for the new year.

Brian and JOY 94.9 have the special Australian premiere of their latest single Fahrenheit, a first for the Southern Hemisphere!

XY&O are a trio on the up with a bright and amazing future ahead of them. Join Brian for this very special JOY 94.9 interview.

You can catch up with XY&O on their Website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and on Soundcloud.

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Lucy Neville Interview

Australian singer-songwriter Lucy Neville chats with Br12106756_10153380354144086_3564716500422750669_nian Peel on JOY 94.9.

Lucy chats about how she started out, her musical goals for the future and what it’s like for her as an artist using social media to promote her music.

Lucy’s debut EP is out now featuring the tracks On My Ownand her latest release Lady.

You can catch up with Lucy Neville on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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Citizen of the World Interview

Gerrit and Kris from Citizen of the World chat with Brian Pe12113313_911787705569575_123463256068627606_oel on JOY 94.9.

In this interview, Gerrit & Kris speak about leaving Switzerland in 2012 to set up life in Sydney to the making of the new Setting Out video in a local junkyard plus what it’s like performing in India.

The guys also give listeners an insight into the making of their latest single and speak about their plans for 2016.

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Ash Edelman Interview

Brian Peel goes one on one with Ash Edelman.

Ash Edelman is an Aussie boy who pursued his dreams after working in the Australian mines.

Ash kick started his career change by starting out as a qualified fitness personal trainer before becoming a swimwear and underwear model.12074539_10153380354114086_4492356967700160680_n

Ash along with a few other boys took judges by surprise when they stripped down to bare bones on a raunchy episode of Britain’s Got Talent – from that moment on Forbidden Nights were born!

In this special JOY 94.9 interview, Ash speaks to Brian about his PT training sessions, eating habits and what it’s like for him now as a model and losing his clothes on stage for one of the UK’s premier male variety shows.

Brian also addresses that posing question…. “Boxers, Briefs… or Commando”.

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