Special Interview: Mieke

theaussieword.com catches up with Canadian artist Mieke. MIEKE_cover

Tell us how it all started. What had you first interested in music?

I grew up playing classical music (piano, violin, trombone, etc) and singing traditional European songs that they sang at my church.I loved music but really didn’t like all the rules, that I always had to play “andante” when the composition said so, or when I was asked to sing more quietly or reverently or whatever. I would sing all the time around the house, making up songs about my stuffed animals and what I did at school and recording them on tapes. And that’s what I fell in love with- the fact that I could make my own rules and create songs about my life. I have new appreciation for classical training lately and started doing scales again (the very stuff I used to hate), but for me music was most meaningful because I was able to grow up with a way of expressing myself- music consistently came through for me when life felt like too much.

What motivates or influences you in your quest to make great music?

To be honest my primary motivation is selfish; writing songs and making music helps me figure out who I am and is really fun for me. I consistently find songs I’m writing tell me things I’ve been trying to ignore- they talk back to me and challenge me. Now that other people are part of this very private process, that influences me too. I would love for other people to connect to or find solace in my songs. I have a great community of artists here in Toronto and making music with them is so fun and challenges me constantly. Continue reading Special Interview: Mieke

New Music: Mieke ‘Move On’

Move On by Mieke is about self-empowerment and the courage to move forward on your own terms. She says “I wrote this song about the moment when you’re finally ready to move forward- to break free of a pattern that isn’t giving you strength. To let go of things you know aren’t meant for you. Because sometimes when we finally face our monsters, they’re less scary than we thought.” Keep a lookout for more on Mieke on theaussieword.com coming soon! Continue reading New Music: Mieke ‘Move On’