New Music: Herman The African ‘Jessica’

Upon completing a degree in music, Herman The African chose to hole up in a studio with a few comrades and gather his thoughts. A week of intensive recording birthed an EP that tells the story of senseless model crushes, the simplicity of teenage years, and the warmth of summer love.

A 90s baby born in South Africa to German parents, the moniker Herman The African signifies an international aesthetic. Now based in Australia, Herman plans to be loved by the internet. At the age of 22, bigger dreams may be realised thereafter.

Herman’s style is mellow-wave. The term is self-coined. With a lo-fi approach, simplistic grooves, and washed out guitar lines, mellow-wave sounds like driving over a hill, late at night with a few friends and seeing the lights of a small town in the valley. It’s romantic music in a way.  Continue reading New Music: Herman The African ‘Jessica’