New Music: Antonique Smith ‘All We Really Have Is Now’

Rising soul chanteuse Antonique Smith is back with an emotional new song called “All We Really Have Is Now,” This song resonates with anyone in the throes of love and obsessing over what may come. The power ballad, penned by Emeli Sande and Toby Gad (“All Of Me”, “If I Were A Boy”), features the Grammy-nominated singer vowing to cherishing the moment she has with her lover and not worry about things that are not really important. Antonique sings over acoustic guitars and big orchestral strings which flow seamlessly with her powerful vocals. Smith brings the song home with the soaring chorus: “I just wanna breath in, stop second guessing, look at your smile and take it in / Try to relax and live in the moment, it’s all that we’ve got to believe in.” “This is a timely song for me, it reminds me of what’s really important in life. We’re all guilty of focusing so much on what we want, what we don’t yet have or what happened in our past, that we don’t appreciate the moment we have now,” mentions Antonique. “That moment is all we have …as tomorrow is not promised,” she adds.

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