Disgruntled Melbourne Football Club supporters have expressed their concerns and anger with news that Melbourne’s game against Geelong at Skilled Stadium on Saturday July 30, will be a fully ticketed match. Supporters who purchased 17 game memberships from the club were advised that the Geelong game wasn’t included in the package and that the AFL and Geelong Football Club have mandated the match as a fully ticketed game. Ticket prices range from $58.75 for members, to a ridiculous $61.75 for non-members.
Supporters have unleashed their concerns via social media sites, with many claiming the AFL are doing their best to ruin the game for the everyday supporter. It is understood that Melbourne, who are the away team, have no control over the matter and that the issue lay with the AFL and the Geelong Football Club. Unfortunately for Dees supporters, many will opt not to attend the game with many fans likely to tune in to Foxtel who will televise the game live into Victoria. As it seems, Etihad Stadium have had this arrangement for quite some time and are still scrutinised and under the media spotlight for long ticket queues and unused seats within the stadium – thus making the telecast unattractive for television broadcasting. Personally, the issue needs to be rectified as many supporters and members who have been paid up, feel like they are being squeezed out. Members have had to put up with higher ticketing costs and unfair seating policies set by the AFL. The Demons currently have 36,693 members – highly unjust for those supporters who are forced to fork out or miss out at a stadium that can hold only 28,300 people. 


  1. if melbourne supporters dont go to games we are accused of being at the snow. sure i once had a malamute but even then i didnt spend any time at the snow, id much rather watch my boys play, win or lose. but to travel all the way to geelong and back, spend all that money on petrol and a parking spot and then to spend some more money on a ticket for entry to the ground (not only for me but my partner and kids, thats going to be a weeks pay for us) only to be sat in the back seats leaving the front seats empty making the ground look empty. which doesnt look good for the afl especially if you want the rest of the world to see what a great game afl is. like other supporters we too have bills that need paying, sure going to the footy is a great time to spend with family and friends but there is so much more (the city of) melbourne can offer families than an expensive game at the footy. me not going to skilled or etihad games isnt me rebelling against the melbourne football club (i will be a melbourne supporter til the day i die) but against the afl, afl get your shit together if you want to this game to be as great as you make it out to be

  2. Easy way to fix this…don't go – just out of principle! It's an utter disgrace by Etihad Stadium and the AFL for allowing it to happen. Why should paid up members fork out additional money to sit at the footy??

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