Special Interview: Lina

theaussieword.com catches up with Lina, the first American / Palestinian winner of Israel’s The Voice! 

Tell us how it all started. What had you first interested in music? I’ve loved music since a very young age. Actually my first appearance on tv was when I was 5 years old, when they interviewed me about music instruments that me and my sister built from recycled plastic.. but the first time I took singing seriously was when I was 16 during a piano lesson. My piano teacher heard me singing for the first time and was completely shocked, and made me perform the song (playing the piano and singing) in front of everyone in the conservatory. I owe her big time! 


What motivates or influences you in your quest to make great music? My biggest motivation is my passion and love for music. What influences me is someone like Beyonce. Every time I watch her performs/gives an interview she gives me chills! You can see even today, with all the success she keeps on the hard work, efforts, and thoughts she into her music and career. That’s super inspiring! Also, I have a long list of dreams to fulfill- so I wake up with the need of working hard and reaching new tops.


What are your biggest goals you hope to accomplish as an artist? To wake up happy every morning, and every night I go to sleep. Being happy means a lot of music writing, touring, getting to meet new people, fans and cultures, being with my family and friends, and be busy working on new projects.  (I admit – I’m a goddamn workaholic! and enjoy it 😎).

Success, what is the secret to it? I alway say: Loving what you do, and being able to work hard enough to make it happen. Not to take anything for granted and never forget that you as an artist are just one piece of the puzzle. When you really love something, you’ll do ANYTHING to keep it going. I can’t imagine myself living my life without singing, I would do whatever it takes to keep it going.

What has been your biggest career highlight so far? Oh man. Can I say two things? First- sharing a stage with Queen+Adam Lambert. It was magical! I got to witness 57,000 people singing along with me. I will never forget how it sounded like! Second thing, I’ve always been a HUGE Alicia Keys fan. Last December she said that she was blown away by my version of Holy War and posted it on all her socials media. I was the happiest person ever!


Which stars of the music industry do you find inspiring? Quite a lot. I get inspired by every artist who works hard and brings his heart and soul into his music; it means they do it for the right reason and put their everything out there.


The music industry is huge, where do you see yourself a few years from now? I hope I would be able to reach people in every county, and to be touring all over the world with my album(s). That’s where I want to be.

The shape of the music industry has changed significantly over the years, including the use of social media, how do you feel about the industry as a whole and what does it mean to you in getting your records out into the public eye? The music industry is a very tough industry, but just like every other industry out there- you’re in a constant race with time, you have to recreate yourself over and over again, and you have to top yourself all the time. But I love that! About social media- I grew up into this. I’ve never tried working in the music industry without having a crazy addiction to Facebook and Instagram myself. So it feels very normal and natural to me.

Name a few of your favourite Aussie artists. SIA SIA SIA! I LOVE how unique her voice, music, and her writing is. She’s amazing. Kylie Minogue she definitely took a massive part in shaping the pop music. Bee Gees- most romantic band ever! LOVE THEM!!!!

What can we expect from you in the coming months? Any plans to tour? Yes, definitely! There are some shows scheduled for me in the UK, Europe, Canada, and Israel. Follow me on social media (LinaMusicOfficial) and get to know everything


Tell us a bit about your latest record, how would you best describe your music? I’ve been working on my debut album (Walking On A Tightrope) for over a year. I’ve got some amazing songs that I can’t wait to share with the world! There are some more danceable tracks, but there are also some great mid tempo ballads where I sing my heart out. The album is a combination of electro-pop and ethnic roc

k, adding some of my own personal ethnic-sound to some tracks. I co-wrote some of the songs, and other songs who were written for me by the world’s best writers. It was produced by the world’s finest producers- such as Grammy award winner Jerry Wonda (Fugies, Justin Bieber, Shakira) and the coolest phenomenal U.K. Producer knightstarr. I’m very blessed

Do you have any new projects in the pipeline? Yes! But I still can’t talk about them, you can expect some big surprises to come! Soon! 😊

Thanks for the interview! What final message do you have for us today? Don’t let anyone putting you down, believe in your self and take control on your own life. It will help you reach your goals.

Website: https://www.instagram.com/linamusicofficial

Facebook: www.facebook.com/linamusicofficial

Twitter: www.twitter.com/linamofficial


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