The hard rock scene is alive and well in Australia and one of the most exciting new groups to emerge recently is Melbourne’s Shotgun Mistress. With a few single releases already under their belt, including Save Me from Myself, which bulleted to No1. on the iTunes Australian Rock Charts and smashed into the Top 40 chart, and their last single Glorious Machine, the band are primed to enter the next phase of their burgeoning career with the release of their new single Collide and due out soon, their debut album.

Collide will not disappoint the growing legion of Shotgun Mistress’ fans and no doubt attract an entire swag of new ones. Continuing to reinforce their brand of rock that’s revealed in all their previous releases, Collide is a great blend of classic heavy with a contemporary edge. Kicking off with a spiralling guitar riff Collide is revealed, with Glenn Patrick’s dynamic range once again showing his prowess as a multi-faceted rock frontman. The lyric is yet another series of emotional complexities that rather than seeking any kind of resolution are exposed to seek respite, but as one hears, that’s often more difficult to achieve than one thinks: ‘Nine lives, one man, you never cut to the problem at hand / I empathise a thousand times, my moral grounds a grounded virtue’. The track tunnels its way through an arrangement segmented by sly chorus rock hooks, a relieving bridge section and another flying off the fretboard solo that segues tightly into one last verse. Collide is a gritty rock record with a clean and impressive production job helping to give the band it’s twin-pronged attraction: a band that utilizes typical and expected hard rock characteristics yet imbues them with their own particular flavours, whether that’s song construction, the turbo-charged performances or the finesse with their lyric, whatever it is Shotgun Mistress new track is sure to raise the stakes for them.