After one of the most challenging years on record, Aussie pop outfit Sheppard have picked up the #2 position on the ARIA charts, becoming the highest placed Australian act for the week and once again proving that there’s still a hunger for euphoric, stadium sized pop records in Australia.

Released exactly one year to the day since their ambitious 12-month long ‘Kaleidoscope Eyes’ project began, with singles dropping every month, Sheppard have continued to solidify themselves as one of the country’s most beloved pop groups. 

The news has just come in… KALEIDOSCOPE EYES HAS HIT #2 on the ARIA charts. We cannot begin to explain this feeling, but an overwhelming sense of complete gratitude is a good start.” Explained George Sheppard“We have some of the best fans and supporters in the world and we are moved to tears thinking about how you’ve all supported us fiercely. Over the past 10 years we have worked tirelessly to create not only the best music we possibly can, but also to build a sense of community and belonging amongst our listeners. Although accolades and hitting the number 2 position in charts isn’t the be all and end all, it is a true testament to the strength and love of our community and the power of unity. 

We want to say a massive thank you to everyone who went out and purchased, streamed and downloaded our album- it’s because of you that we can continue to do what we love. We are an independent band but of course we didn’t do this alone. Besides all of our fans we want to say thank you to our management team at Chugg Music- The endless hours, the loyalty and drive you have for our projects is truly astounding and we couldn’t have done this without you. 

To Michael Chugg, we love you and are forever grateful for all of the doors you have opened for us, it’s been our absolute pleasure to be on the adventure with you. To our parents Linda and Greg, Tony and Kathy- your endless love, support and guidance is something we will carry with us until the day we die- we love you always. Lastly, we’d like to acknowledge a member of our musical family who we lost this past week. Gudinski, your belief in what we do always gave us that extra push we needed. You were a leader and your passion for Australian Music was second to none. We promise to continue your legacy in poise, grit and hard work.”

With a song unmasked every month throughout what was a tumultuous year, fans have taken a journey through love, loss, pain, joy, heartbreak, humour and more, with tracks including ‘Symphony’ and ‘Learning to Fly’ which have added to the band’s already impressive swag of radio hits and lit up airwaves across Europe, Latin America and more. 

With the track ‘Solid Gold’ chosen for the US NBC broadcast of the 2021 Olympics and the band’s stunning performance at the 2020 AFL Grand Final still fresh in minds, ‘Kaleidoscope Eyes’ is the perfect insight into a band celebrating who they are and standing firm in the face of adversity to bring positivity and joy to their fans around the globe. 
The new single ‘M.I.A.’ is indicative of the album more broadly, an upbeat stomper preaching self-determination and the overall message of ‘Kaleidoscope Eyes’: living your life on your own terms. 

The album comes off the back of their 2018 ARIA #1 album ‘Watching The Sky’ as well as five gold, platinum and multi-platinum releases, including the worldwide smash hits ‘Geronimo’ and ‘Coming Home’. Proudly still based in Brisbane and taking on both the industry and life on their own terms, the Sheppard siblings have settled into a genuine space on their new album, presenting the music they want in the way they choose and opening themselves up to fans like never before.
Whether through the ubiquitous ‘Geronimo’, Amy Sheppard’s inspirational ‘Kiss My Fat Ass’ campaign against body shaming, George’s famous entry to Rock In Rio via zipline or their tours with artists like Justin Bieber, Meghan Trainor, Keith Urban and Elton John, Sheppard are simply a Brisbane family taking life as it comes and letting the world in on their incredible journey. 

“In the end, on our journey so far we’ve learned that there’s only two things in life you can control– your attitude and your art and with ‘Kaleidoscope Eyes’ we’re proud of what we have produced and we look forward to what comes next now it’s found its place in the world with our fans,” said George Sheppard. “We are eternally grateful for everyone across the world who have chosen to be on this positive journey with us.”

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