Samuel Johnson’s Unicycling Quest

My blogging partner in crime Carly Findlay caught up with Samuel Johnson as he tells why he is uni-cycling 15,000km around Australia to raise money and awareness for breast cancer. Carly prepared this guest post for this great cause for us here at

Actor and VoiceOver artist Samuel Johnson (from Secret Life of Us, Rush, Cracker Jack, Hungry Jacks, Pedigree ads…) will embark on a trip around Australia on a unicycle – starting in February 2013. That’s 15,000 km over a year. He’s doing it for his sister Connie, who’s dying of breast cancer. Samuel and Connie have set up the Love Your Sister charity to raise awareness about breast cancer and $1 Million for the Garvan Research Foundation and The Cancer Support Group. The unicycle trip is a challenge Connie set for Samuel as her legacy.

More information at

Samuel chatted to Carly about Love Your Sister, unicycling and how tired he is from training. You can see the chat here! For more information, updates on Samuel’s unicycle journey and to donate, visit Love Your Sister’s website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Sorry Sam, but the team at TheAussieWord think it’s a great idea. We’ll pray for nice weather! 

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