PHOTO SPECIAL: Enrique Iglesias Live In Melbourne

This one is for you! – Enrique Iglesias
ENRIQUE IGLESIAS, the latino heartthrob, danced and sweated his way through a 103 degree fever to put on the show of his life before delirious screaming fans at Melbourne’s Rod Laver Arena on Thursday night.  Having sold out the previous night, Enrique took to the stage at approximately 9.30pm, the strong 15,000+ capacity crowd in awe of the man who has brought us hits such as Rhythm Divine, Be With You, Hero, I Like It, Dirty Dancer and Escape. The show was a major showcase of Enrique’s hits to date, a setlist that boasted all the hits – and more. 
This show was for the fans – there was no doubt about it. Enrique, withstood a gruelling one and a half hours of feverish temperatures to reach out and touch those around him. Some even lucky enough to share the stage with him. As was the case for two gents halfway through the show, they were invited on stage and shared a one on one chat with Enrique as the crowd watched on. They shared a drink and even bounced up and down the catwalk to perform a song or two. Enrique performed the same routine to the crowd the night before, some mistook it as a flaw in the show, others demanding an explanation, some wanted a refund, while the majority were adamant that this routine was a special one to remember. Just ask Vince Colosimo, pictured below, who was spotted in the crowd! Enrique poured his guests a shot of scotch. Cheers to all and cheers to every one of his fans in the stadium, as Enrique pointed out, it were the fans in the room who mattered most to him – not those who criticise his show.
DJ Havana Brown
DJ Havana Brown kicked off proceedings earlier, her live gig, enough to get the crowd at their feet and foot tapping to the sounds of dance. The tunes were amazing. Cuban sensation Pitbull followed, the crowd rose as he hit the high notes to hit Give Me Everything. This song had reached 4x platinum and reached a high of #2 on the Aussie charts. Pitbull raised the roof with new single Rain Over Me, a duet with Marc Anthony – the video clip projecting around the arena. Fans rejoiced.
Enrique not only performed the hits, he played tracks that meant something to him, some not so popular – such as Ring My Bells – taken from the 2007 album Insomniac. A great track that seemed to win the fans over four years after it’s official release. The performance of Escape had the crowd begging for more, especially when Enrique took off on his trademark run up or down the stage. Women…and some men…screamed in delight.
Enrique performed the Aussie favourite Heartbeat with Havana Brown, a duet he recorded with Nicole Scherzinger. The two sang at opposite ends of the stage finally coming together for it’s dramatic end.
As the show reached its climax, Enrique treated his fans to his 2001 number #1 smash Hero – sharing the moment with a 15 year old screaming fan who joined Enrique on stage which had now progressed to the opposite side of the arena. Another hint that Enrique was doing his best to reach out to everyone. Enrique acknowledged the young girls age… ‘Oh Shit’ he said, as he went on to serenade her, as the young teenager looked on in bewilderment. Clearly a crowd favourite, Hero had the arena awash with lights from mobile phones, digital cameras and the odd cigarette lighter. I kid you not.
As the clock ticked well over 11pm, Pitbull joined Enrique back on stage for the finale and huge hit I Like It. A song which had each and every fan with hands up in the air. By this time, large inflatable balloons bounced around the stadium with a jet full of paper machine bits flying into the crowd as the fans in the arena were now well and truly in full voice. As the show drew to a close, Enrique pumped out Tonight I’m Lovin’ You – yes, we even got bits of the dirty version. He waved, clutched and kissed an Australian flag… a show clearly touching all of those who have came to witness. Enrique thanked the crowd, as he closed the show with the words…. ‘I’ll Be Back Soon, I Promise’. 
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Aussie celebrity Vince Colosimo watches on
Enrique hits the drum kit

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