New Music: Ruby Rose ‘Guilty Pleasure’

Ruby Roses’ debut single Guilty Pleasure was #8 most added to radio in its first week and has been described as the ultimate summer anthem! The single also features both Ruby and Gary Go on vocals and also remixes by international DJ Ken Loi, The Mighty Fools, Skeet Skeet, Crichton’s Classic Dub and Ruby Rose herself! What a catchy dancefloor anthem!
“We didn’t write the lyrics down, we literally spoke to the beat of the song, to-ing and froing verbally but then both Gary and I just kind of stood up and sang our bits on a bit of a whim.  I remember my real vibe for the song, what was resonating within me was the idea of a destructive relationship. It felt befitting at the time because I was still embracing my sobriety and felt like potentially that was my most unhealthy relationship.  The lyrics “Suicide I’m on a mission” is in no way endorsing or speaking flippantly about suicide it is just stating that sometimes you can feel dead even when you are alive. For me, I felt I was slowly killing the real me, the happy, healthy, free, person, by making bad choices. This song is to remind you that though things can be a struggle we do all have choices”

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