NEW MUSIC: Rich Latimer ‘Sweet September’

Australian Rich Latimer has a passion for music and projects that promote consciousness, connection, positive messages and nature. At 41 years old he describes himself as a ‘heartist’, which is someone who lives, creates and cooperates from the heart. He has a strong belief that ‘music changes people and people change the world’. So strong in fact, that he has it tattooed on his arms. Rich is like a ‘Swiss Army Knife’ when it comes to “awareness”, having many skills and doing everything in a sharp way.

Rich is a talented and high-profile musician performing both in a full progressive rock band called ‘Very Unique Existence’ and more recently as a solo artist. Performing under his name Rich Latimer he has recorded a new album called ‘Dreamer’, produced in Brazil, which is set to arrive in early 2019.

‘Uplift’ is the first single from ‘Dreamer’, which has been released in Brazil and the US. The track opens the album and talks about love, learn, serve and that we have the ability and co-responsibility to raise our vibrations with good thoughts, words and actions! He has three other videos clips ready to release, including one which is animated.

The video clip for ‘Uplift’ presents a taste of the multi-sensory show that’s being developed with other artists, connecting sound, projection, video-mapping, hologram, scenography, theatrical performance and even aromas. These shows will be Rich’s public extension of the Awareness Shows music project that he started in 2010 in high schools. The shows came after his brother survived three months of trauma from a car accident, and after this certified miracle, Rich started specialised music awareness tours to high schools throughout Australia called

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