NEW MUSIC: Musketeer ‘Seven Long Years’

The studio EP release from Musketeer follows the journey of a 19th century British convict sent to the prison camps of Australia. The record combines old sea-tale story telling with a nu-folk musical sentiment.

Once again Musketeer brings his signature raw vocal style together with an elegant band arrangement. String and brass bind together to bring you deep into the damp and murky boat hulls of the early British prison ships. A Mumford-esk minimalist rhythm section takes you by the shackles and beats your criminal soul through this dark heart of Australian and European history.

‘Seven Long Years EP’ was produced independently in Newcastle, Australia by Musketeer in 2016. The record features a full cast of local musicians and was recorded in conjunction with Heavy Feet Studios, and Holliday Music. It was mastered at Island Studios in Adelaide, Australia.

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