NEW MUSIC: MOBS ‘Dark Side Of A Good Thing’

Some relationships are destined to destruct. It’s obvious that the other person is wrong for you, but you dive in, headfirst, knowing that it’s going to be crazy fun while it lasts. Welcome to “Dark Side Of A Good Thing”, the intoxicating new single from Melbourne band MOBS. 
“Dark Side Of A Good Thing” is the start of what will be an enduring relationship with pop fans. “We want it to be more than just a commercial pop band,” MOBS singer, Jordan Clarey, says. “We want to bring more dimensions to pop music. To have songs that actually say something real and important.” MOBS (it stands for “Move On, Be Strong”, thanks for asking) is four mates from Melbourne – Jordan, Michael, Scott & Matt – who bonded over a shared love of The 1975, Tears & Years, Michael Jackson, INXS and The Wombats.

The single caps a big year for the band, which has included a national tour with Short Stack. “Dark Side Of A Good Thing” is about the duality that comes with a self-destructive relationship, the fallout of knowing that the relationship is predestined for failure even before it’s begun. “It’s bad love,” Jordan sings, “but she gives me a rush and I can’t get enough”. Which is perhaps an apt review of this tune – one listen and you’ll be hooked.

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