Canadian duo Madison Violet are coming to Australia this September in support of their latest album, The Knight Sessions. Born out of a desire to move on from a horrific run of bad luck involving illness and family tragedies on both sides, multi-instrumentalists Brenley MacEachern and Lisa MacIsaac’s new album features a collection of 11 songs co‐produced with their friend Tino Zolfo.
For The Knight Sessions, the duo wanted to record 5 new songs and take 5 songs from their European release Year of the Horse, and re-record them in their truest form – acoustic and bare boned. The first single ‘We Are Famous’ came on the last day of a writing trip in L.A, and involved a cancellation, a hat logo of the same name, and British chart-topper Sam Smithof all people! “In the middle of writing that song, we heard voices outside the flat. British accents. I lifted one of the slats in the blind to sneak a peak outside and standing there on the step, was Sam Smith,” Brenley says. “We heard later that evening, that he had been standing, listening to us singing for a few minutes, and that he said that ‘he was inspired’ when he heard us writing. That was inspiration enough for us to keep plugging away at the song.” Highlights for Madison Violet since releasing the album have included ‘We Are Famous (When We’re Breaking) Remix’ being added to the CBC Radio 2 Top 20 Countdown (where it remained on the top 20 chart for 2 months in Canada throughout the summer), CBC q premiering the album version and adding it to the Pop Adult channel on CBC Music and Stingray, and a spike in over 20,000 followers on socials.

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