New Music: Kate Martin ‘Kintsukuroi’

Melbourne-based contemporary indie-pop guitarist and singer Kate Martin has released her new single ‘Kintsukuroi’. ‘Kintsukuroi’ is the first new music from Kate Martin since her 2013 single ‘Awaken’, and is taken from her forthcoming LP Set My Life To Fire due out this Autumn.Kintsukuroi is the name of the Japanese art for “golden repair,” where shattered ceramics mended with gold are perceived as being more beautiful for having been broken – a concept that Kate Martin interprets as a metaphor for the human condition. On ‘Kintsukuroi’, a tapestry of multi-layered guitar loops in Kate Martin’s signature finger-picking style is blended with Tabla percussion and textures. Pulling from an Eastern influence, this lends to an atmosphere that is at once contemporary and timeless. After the release of her second studio album Hand Me My Bow And Arrow (2012), Townsville nativeKate Martin relocated to Melbourne to commence writing her third full-length, expanding on an already impressive output for artist of only 24 years of age. The move to an unfamiliar city meant moments of isolation but also creative solace, an opportunity to retreat creatively and grow as both an artist and an individual. ‘Kintsukuroi’ is the first taste of new music from these sessions and is taken from her forthcoming LP Set My Life To Fire, due Autumn 2016.

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