NEW MUSIC: Jacob Thomas Jr ‘Running Through My Mind’

Nashville artist Jacob Thomas Jr. has released “Running Through My Mind,” the second single from his upcoming LP, Electric Sex, out February 16, 2018 on Summer Dress Music. Premiering yesterday at The Bluegrass Situation, “Running Through My Mind” is a sobering track that recalls a different era in his life.

“I wanted to write about my divorce, but I’ve never been someone who’s able to articulate thoughts and feelings while I’m in the midst of extreme emotional situations,” reflects Jacob. “I find it more beneficial to wait until there is some time and space to gain perspective. ‘Running through My Mind’ is hard to talk about. It’s one of those songs that reminds me of a period in my life when I was a person that I no longer am. It’s not a cryptic or vaguely written song. It’s about as straight forward as a song can get.”

Jacob’s debut album, Original Sin (2014), was a solo-acoustic dive into his past that explored the path that brought him to Nashville in 2008. On that brutally honest debut, we learned about his dramatic shift from Louisiana pastor to Nashville musician. After being fired by his own Parrish for spending too much time performing in bars, Thomas made the incredibly difficult decision to leave his wife and pursue music full-time in Nashville. If the bare-boned songs on Original Sin shone a light on Thomas’ ability to pack a punch with little more than an acoustic guitar and a gorgeously ragged voice, then Electric Sex — full of heartfelt, anthemic anthems about getting laid, getting lost and getting left behind — shows the full range of his abilities. Electric Sex explores his life after the church, with Thomas telling us, “At 25 years old I said ‘fuck it all,’ and this album is me trying to reclaim my sexual identity after years of growing up in the church.”

10 years into his professional music career Thomas has played out with some of Nashville’s best country/rock artists including Rayland Baxter, Uncle Kracker, Sonia Leigh, Randy Montana, Logan Mize, Elise Davis, Goodbye June, and Danielle Bradbery to name a few. However, on Electric Sex he’s a frontman, leading a studio band whose members include pedal steel wiz Drew Belk (Billy Currington, Midland), producer and keyboardist Jason Morant, bass player Jason Harris and drummer Jake Finch. Together, they make a sound that nods to rock & roll’s biggest moments — from Fleetwood Mac to ELO to Silverchair’s Diorama — while still pushing into new territory.

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