NEW MUSIC: Hunter Adams ‘How Do I Know’

How Do I Know is the second single lifted from Hunter Adams debut EP, Chrysalis, released digitally via Social Family Records.  A haunting ballad about unrequited love and of letting that love go, Hunter wears her heart on her sleeve, sharing the raw emotion and insecurity this song evokes.

“I’d spent so long spellbound by unrequited love that I was emotionally and psychologically exhausted. I just wanted to go somewhere else, be somewhere else, love someone else,” Hunter explains.  “I had appealed to my brother for comfort, who had told me that when you properly love someone, you should want their happiness above your own, even if that means letting them go.”

Too young to absorb its meaning at the time, Hunter admits to becoming obsessed by the insecurity that came with letting go of love. “I was anxious and defeated, and I wanted a way of knowing that if I let that love go, it would return to me. It’s safe to say that I missed the point entirely, but the song brings me such comfort to this day.”

How Do I Know was one of those songs that quickly came to life, with Hunter expressing exactly what she wanted to say in the best way she knows, as a singer/songwriter.

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