New Music: HÆLOS ‘Oracle’

First introduced in early 2015 with debut track ‘Dust’, HÆLOS (Arthur Delaney, Dom Goldsmith and Lotti Benardout) spent 2015 in their studio writing and producing their debut album. The result is Full Circle – a darkly shaded yet ultimately radiant 11 track record that perfectly encapsulates the band’s philosophy.

Born out of a mutual fascination with the lost hours of a night out – the exhilarating privacy of a cavernous club’s dark pockets and the introspective comedowns that accompany rainy 5am cab rides – HÆLOS create rippling electronic pop that both reflects and soundtracks these moments, each one of their tracks retracing their steps between stress to sanctuary, desperation to relief, darkness into light. 

Full Circle has catharsis as its very core, and as a whole is a glorious, gorgeous contradiction in itself – pensive emotional pop that perfectly captures ageless emotional conundrums, featuring music that could only have been made in the modern day. Every moment of uneasy reflection is matched by quiet explosions but throughout the album’s loudest and most peaceful moments alike, Full Circle retains a pristine intimacy amplified by Benardout’s crystalline vocals.

Never is this more evident than on new offering ‘Oracle’ which is lighter than previously heard ‘Earth Not Above’, ‘Dust’ and ‘Pray’. Although never wandering far from the deep and dark euphoric sound we have learnt to associate with HÆLOS, the new track sees the band at their most soulful on the record as they breathe a breath of fresh air.

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