NEW MUSIC: Graingerboy ‘Enemy Forward’ guest writer Paul Webster reviews the latest fr14034839_503416023178041_8347344306427632756_nom Graingerboy.

Singer/Songwriter Graingerboy (Simon Grainger) is set to release a new album titled Enemy Forward.

This predominantly electronic album sounds like it has been an intense journey for Graingerboy. You can hear the emotion and dedication he has put into these songs in the highly personal lyrics articulated by a voice that drifts out of the speakers and blends seamlessly with the sumptuous layers of sound. Graingerboy has a canny knack of creating an atmosphere that is easy to escape into while immersing yourself into his mostly mid and up-tempo compositions. And he keeps the interest going right up until that last note of each song. There is a definite theme that runs through these songs and Graingerboy himself has said that the album has been sequenced as a journey.

The Songs:

‘Three’ is one of the more upbeat songs on the album. It definitely has the hook to make you want to keep listening – with splashes of real guitar, bass, guitar, drums and piano – this is a solid introduction to this set of songs.

‘Saturnine’ is a mood enhancing beam of sunlight with its catchy sing-a-long chorus.

‘The Difficult Lies of Us’ hits you with a repetitive riff on top of a multi-layered sound while Graingerboy pours his heart out.

‘Trainers’ is about shoes. Yes, shoes. But don’t be fooled by the sweet melody as it’s masking some aches and pains. We get to hear a different side to Graingerboy’s lovely voice in this song.

‘Enemy Forward’ starts out all nursery-rhyme twinkles but quickly becomes verses full of almost spoken lyrics positioned in-between the melodic choruses. Also includes a charming Casio keyboard style solo.  I like the way this song ends how it started. Full circle.

‘ShadowFormerSelf’ is a beautiful ballad and sums up this album for me – a conversation between two versions of oneself maybe?

‘The Deliberate Inbetween’ is a pulsing instrumental track.

‘Lush Life’ raises the beats again and it is where Graingerboy confidently declares he has “so much music in my head” which could either be a teaser for more things to come or an outburst of frustration. This song sounds like a dance floor anthem and I can only imagine the epic remixes that could be made with this.

‘Cold Town’ is a nice way to finish out this album. Starts out slow and builds into another opulent tune that sounds to me like Simon is letting go and moving on. It’s a buoyant tune. Graingerboy himself says: “Cold Town is about escape, release, realisation and acceptance.”

The majority of the album was mixed by Graingerboy and Ian Catt so it wasn’t a totally isolating affair. There is also some co-writing credits on several songs including ‘Saturnine’(Graingerboy/Nicholson), ‘The Difficult Lies of Us’ (Graingerboy/Lippy Kid – who also features on the track), ‘Lush Life’ (Reynolds) and ‘Cold Town’ (Graingerboy/Kimber). Additional production on ‘Three’ and ‘Lush Life’ by Julian Simmons @ Din and on ‘The Difficult Lies of Us’ by Lippy Kid.

Enemy Forward is released on all digital platforms worldwide on October 8 via PopCrisis Recordings with a physical release at a later date.

The first single from Enemy Forward is ‘Saturnine’

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