NEW MUSIC | Ginger & Drum ‘Ticking Boxes’

Masters of evocative indie-electro-pop, Ginger & Drum are back, today bursting back into the scene with their new single “Ticking Boxes” and its haunting visual accompaniment. Zoe (Ginger) and Andy (Drums) have returned from their brief hiatus stronger than ever with a single brimming with undulating synths, smooth beats and floating, contemplative vocals. Exploring the complexities beneath a seemingly perfect romance, Ginger & Drum’s music not only has atmospheric and laid back vibes, but is also enchantingly expressive. The haunting and dreamlike feel of the track is perfectly matched by its video, produced and directed in New York by Lowri Best and Rudá Tillett. A vivid and wonderfully playful clip that explores the parting of ways between two otherworldly creatures weaving their way separately through the Big Apple, the video creates mixed emotions of isolation and joy.
Ginger & Drum first emerged with their 2011 single “Blow”, to be followed by their debut 2013 self titled EP and hit single “Cowboy”. Starting out with strong folk vibes, the act has gradually evolved in a big way that now encompasses stripped back, echoing beats, mesmerising vocals and a very impressive use of synths.

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