NEW MUSIC: Eric Frisch ‘The Light Ahead’

Eric Frisch is an indie pop musician living in New York City. Eric’s main influences range everywhere from the Beatles and the Beach Boys to Sam Cooke and the Four Tops to Bob Dylan and Jackie Wilson. Originally from Toronto, Eric is the second of four children. Eric began learning piano at an early age and always enjoyed the task of composing on his own. He credits his parents with introducing him to the right music, playing “Here, There and Everywhere” off of Revolver for him when he was 15. Residing in New York for two years, Eric has performed at venues like Rockwood Music Hall, the Bowery Electric, the Living Room, and the Studio at Webster Hall, as well as various venues in his hometown of Toronto, including the Rivoli and Dundas Square.

Eric’s sound combines elements of 50s and 60s pop music with a more modern sound, creating a unique call to the past while still pushing forward into unchartered territory. Eric has just released his first self-produced full-length entitled Goodbye Birdcage. The album showcases his diverse range as a writer and singer, and displays his unique ability to capture the essence of his influences in his music. A talented artist and performer, Eric writes songs that are original, catchy, and memorable.

From the artist about the album:

“I wrote the album over a year, and I recorded it and produced it myself. I used two microphones to record the entire album! A Shure-SM57 and a little condenser mic, and I think the sound is pretty great. I recorded a lot of it in my rehearsal space in New York City, which is why you’ll hear sirens at the beginning of “In the Morning Light,” they just simply passed by as I was recording it and I really liked it so I kept it in there.

The song Goodbye Slowly is about a breakup I had with a girl named Elizabeth. I completely ad-libbed the words to the song, thinking I would re-record them later on, but I really liked the words and how honest they were so I decided to keep them. I also couldn’t manage to capture the sound that I had from the first vocal performance, so I just kept them. I really took the relationship for granted, and I found it really hard to end it, which is why it’s called Goodbye Slowly. The song Find My Way Back Home I wrote the main chorus to it when I was 17 years old and I just reworked it into a song. I actually had a bunch of versions of it recorded, and I might rework it in the future, but I think it’s pretty good for now. There’s a really cool brass intro that didn’t make the cut, but I might release it in the future. Heaven was actually a different song called Mary Ann, but I muted the vocal track on the song while I was mixing it by accident, and this other tune popped into my head, so I decided to record another song over it, and Heaven is the end product. I think that’s pretty cool! The Light Ahead is just a fun summer song, we had a really great time shooting the music video for it! I had the idea to just do a dance in front of a wall with a bunch of my friends.”

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