Take that Kim Kardashian!  New York singer-songwriter, Derek Bishop, just released a brand new single and video — which is essentially a 4-minute-long selfie! Bishop self-shot and directed the video for “Taffy” using his iPhone and GoPro camera.

OUT Magazine called Bishop “bubbly and fun” and Derek stays true to this description with his new candy-colored release. When not creating music, Bishop moonlights as an art director on Broadway. (He recently designed the CD package for the Tony-winning musical “Fun Home.”) While the song has an early-80’s synth-pop feel, the video was inspired by bold, colorful, vintage 1960’s album covers. “I wanted the video to look like a catalog of retro albums and posters flowing together, with each scene serving as its own little graphic moment. I didn’t have an assistant, so I was running back and forth behind and in front of the camera. I filmed a lot of very blurry scenes not being able to see what was going on.”

While the song has a catchy, bouncy feel to it, the lyrics are about the stress of being “pulled in all directions” by life — hoping to gain strength
to to stand up and say “enough!” Taffy is the third single from Derek’s album “Bicycling in Quicksand.”  The album was called “One of the best indie albums of 2015” by Echo magazine and is available on itunes and Amazon.

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