NEW MUSIC: Danny McMartin – Surf My Life Away

Danny delivers a tsunami of luscious surf rock with his next single,
The challenges of COVID may have removed his opportunity to tour but it has allowed him to channel all of his creativity towards producing this optimistic anthem for 2020.

Conceived in isolation, the feel-good inclusive party vibes that ‘Surf My Life Away’ evokes was in direct response to keeping hope alive when faced with adversity. It’s an instrumental anthem for the optimist who digs the traditions of Surf Rock. The song is an affirmation of life; serving as the catalyst for listeners to feel motivated and start to pursue their own personal goals. Plans are in the pipeline with several surf film makers to feature ‘Surf My Life Away’ to enhance their cinematic creations.

You may not be able to travel to the far-flung destination of your dreams but Surf My Life Away will provide you with the escape that you need. This new single is the breath of fresh air that everyone is waiting for after enduring the events of the past year.