NEW MUSIC: Curtis Alto vs Sunbathers ‘Intimacy’

Proving to be a truly international affair, Belgian brother trio Curtis Alto have teamed up with American indie-rock band from the DMV, Sunbathers, on new single “Intimacy.” Out today via world’s largest dance label Spinnin’ Records, “Intimacy” combines captivating melodies and smooth guitar licks with a catchy vocal part in the drop.

From percussion, guitars, vocals, synth, and more, “Intimacy” is a unique genre conglomerate that fuses the best of melodic house with an indie vibe. The drop is made of organic instruments such as guitar and bass guitar.

To accompany the single, Curtis Alto has produced a visual counterpart to the “Intimacy” single on the track’s official music video. Filmed in Ghent, Belgium and directed by Epic Cinema’s Stijn Verlinde, the video features Belgian freestyle dancer Alex The Cage maneuvering his way through the city under the choreographic supervision of IshAgency’s Ish Ait Hamou, who you may recognize as a judge on the Dutch-Belgian version of So You Think You Can Dance. For nearly three-minutes, we watch as Alex dances his way through the Ghent cityscape as his fluid movements perfectly embody the single’s smooth guitar licks and entrancing melodies. It features a new way of filming whereby the camera follows the dancer’s moves, which adds a lot of dynamism to the video.

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