New Music: Crystal Cities ‘Talking To Myself’

Crystal Cities, was born on a balmy January night in the garage of Geoff Rana’s house, in Sydney’s Inner West. They were jamming an older original song, and by starting in a different key after a long session, it revealed a chilled, stripped back and eerily, ethereal version of the once energy driven track. This was the new sound that inspired Crystal Cities to become the other-worldly pop band they are today!

Lead singer, Geoff Rana, is a prolific songwriter and a respected part of the Nashville Songwriters association. Geoff was chosen to write with well respected writers at The Writers Den after being spotted performing at the famous 12th And Porter venue as part of the Next BIG Nashville Music Conference

The band released their debut single “Cut Me Loose” in 2015 to great reviews. The single gained interest across the U.S gaining rotation at radio WEQX in NY, Modern Rock 98.7 in Carolina and 92.9 in California to name a few.

Crystal Cities began working on their follow up single with The A&R Department and Platinum Artist Development in late 2015. After defining their sound with the debut single “Cut Me Loose”, the band headed back into the studio in December 2015 choosing producer Sean Carey at Church Street Studios in Sydney to begin recording their follow up single “Talking To Myself.”

The band is currently writing material for an up coming EP due for release later in 2016.

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