For Clea (pronounced Clay), a 20 year old Brisbane songstress, 2015 has been an extraordinary inaugural year. Her first released single Polyester elicited praise from music blogs across the globe for its surprising lyrical complexity and tremulous vocals, rightfully nabbing a spot in the top 10 triple j Unearthed Quiet Achievers list, and ranking number 50 in triple j Unearthed most played artist. Together with playing numerous solo acoustic gigs throughout the year Clea found herself merging her dulcet tones withZefereli, a project kicked off by The Cairos front man Alistar Richardson, and performing around the country supporting the likes of Gang of Youths, Harts and I Know Leopard.

“My love for song writing is profound, for me it is by far the most captivating and prominent form of personal artistic expression. My lyrics are both observational and a reflection of those observations. I compose melodies that not only match the tone and emotion of the stories within my songs, but which I feel are diverse in range and beat, and which reflect the complexity and impetuousness of my own responses” says Clea.

2016 promises to be an even bigger year with Clea having just released her second single Dire Consequences to immediate accolades. A distinct and haunting sound emerging through alluring instrumental accompaniment and production. Her unique and singular manner of song writing and tethered guitar technique is laden with promise of great things to come, setting her refreshingly apart from the bountiful emergence of talented singer-songwriters.

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