POP QUIZ: What words could be used to describe the brand-spankin’ new self-directed video for Chris Watts’ latest single ‘Let Go’? A) Colorful, B) Whimsical, C) Charming, D) All of the above…..Yeah, it’s definitely D). The video is playful without being saccharine, it’s expertly shot, and when paired with the infectious nature of the track, it’s kinda unshakeable. Syncopated spliced images marry live shots & the iconography of the unsure all while maintaining an air of mystery thanks to the magic of the extreme close up. ‘Let Go’, resplendent with handclaps and chiming riffs, premiered on Stereofox. Unpacking the giddy unsuredness – that anyone who’s ever had a crush will instantly recognise – with vim & vigour, it’s a truly impressive, sparkling effort. Watts burst onto the scene when ‘Back Down’, the namesake single from his debut album, premiered on triple j. He’s since played venues as gigantic as Etihad Stadium, festivals such as Beyond The Valley and St Kilda Festival (and, ironically enough, Let Go Festival) and was a part of MTV’s Brand New last year alongside national heavweights Tkay Maidza and Carmada. Leapfrogging into 2016 (and our hearts) with this light-hearted track – and downright delightful clip to match – is just the start for Chris Watts. He’ll be launching the single at Shebeen on March 26, and looks set to grab hold of success and not let go.

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