NEW MUSIC: Chris Jobe ‘Lonely Lives’

“Some of us get to walk through life unbothered by our past embarrassments. Others wake up in a cold sweat recounting numerous emotional punches life has thrown. We are defined by our failures and mistakes, but we are healed by the people who care enough to help us through whatever that struggle may be. This message is conveyed in Chris Jobe’s endearing new video for ‘Lonely Lives,'” Ones To Watch’s Kathryn O’Leary wrote on Thursday. “Following Jobe on his precarious New York City adventures, ‘Lonely Lives’ is a metaphor for fighting isolation and trying to let people in… [It] emulates the lonesome feeling we have when we chose to hide our emotions. Though the people in your life may try their best to get you laughing again, humiliation is never easy to combat.”

“I wrote this song for a friend that put up mad walls after I tried to console them about being embarrassed at party,” Jobe told Ones To Watch. “With that in mind, I wanted to be a walking metaphor in the video… a person who wears a spiky exterior for protection, but one that also makes their ego more fragile and isolated. So, I rocked sharp barbed wire, chains, a blue suit, and giant balloons as I sang and danced in the middle of Manhattan on a Monday. It was fun! No one really cared, except for the NYPD in the subway. Whoops, my b!”

Jobe, who writes, plays, and produces all of this own music and graphics, released his debut single, “Thank You Internet,” last year, which reached over 1 million views on Facebook after the platform discovered and promoted the music video for the track.

With his new material, the soulful singer, known for his heart-on-his-sleeve honesty and rejection of machismo, aims to showcase sensitivity as a strength in a world that needs it now more than ever.

“Lonely Lives” is available now via SoundCloud, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, and Deezer, with the accompanying visual streaming on YouTube.

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