NEW MUSIC: Cameron Avery ‘C’est Toi’

Written about the last time he fell in love, ‘C’est Toi’ is charged with a raw sense of nostalgia, paired with lyrics laden in a romantic debris. Recorded at Fivestar Studio, Avery worked alongside long-time friend Jonathan Wilson (credits include Father John Misty – Honeybear), who initially encouraged the creation of vocally driven body of work. The single marked the first time Avery had worked with a co-producer across a project. Shot between New York and LA, the accompanying clip was directed by JOY Collective’s dynamic duo Mike Bennet & Nathan Lewis and saw production treatment from Mood Studio. The late night guerrilla filming sessions, starring New York-based actors Mara DaCostareis and Aris Schwabe, accentuate the fragility and honesty of the track, transporting the viewer to a very intimate truth/journey between two lovers.

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