Liverpool UK native and U.S. Spotify “Spotlight” artist BANNERS, whose first U.S. single “Start A Riot” on Island Records has generated over 27 million Global Spotify streams, adds to his prolific outpouring of new music and visuals with the arrival of the brand new video for his track, “Holy Ground” this week.  Directed by filmmaker Izak Rappaport, the video stars actress Ashley Greene (Twilight, Rogue) with actor Andrew J. West playing her love interest. 

Ashley Greene explains how this dream collaboration comes together: “Honestly, I heard of BANNERS from the soundtrack for ‘The Royals.’ ‘The Royals’ is kind of my guilty pleasure.  One of my girlfriends ended up meeting him.  Somehow or another, I had a barbecue and he was there.  He was talking about all of his songs and we kind of got into a conversation about music videos.  I felt this connection to his music.  It was deep and romantic.  His music, it sounds weird to say—kind of reminds me of ‘Romeo and Juliet.’  There was this push and pull.  The music video and the song captures the essence of this beautiful and holy place where these two people find themselves.  What we were trying to achieve throughout the video was this person, who essentially loses her other half, not wanting to let go.  She had to go through the hard crash of reality that the person she loved is gone.  She had to let him go to move on.” Fascinated by dreams, life, death, hope and despair, BANNERS grew up singing in the Liverpool Anglican Cathedral Choir and the Liverpool Kop.  Influenced by artists ranging from Jeff Buckley to Arcade Fire, his music is at once haunting and hopeful, as it resonates with audiences across space and age.

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