New Music: Allie X ‘Old Habits Die Hard’

Since Allie X appeared online in 2014, the Toronto-born, LA-based artist’s radio-ready electronic pop and bold visual style have caused waves internationally. 2015 saw Allie X’s first UK releases, ‘Catch’ (“soaring” – Gorilla Vs. Bear, “it shines with a level of polish and craft that’s remarkable” – Time Magazine) and ‘CollXtion I’ both receiving glowing reviews from media and causing her to appear on several ‘ones to watch’ for 2016 lists.

In celebration of the tour with Troye Sivan (Allie also co-wrote Troye’s current single, “Youth”, as well as several other songs on his debut album), Allie X is giving something back to her fanbase by giving away new track “Old Habits Die Hard.”
Of the song Allie says, “‘Old Habits Die Hard’ is an xpression of this action: laughing at your own weakness as it seduces you one more time. It’s a cruel reality when you believe you’ve overcome an addiction, just to find that it still has you by the throat. I tried to keep the language of the lyric conversational, because ‘old habits die hard’, the saying itself, has a jest in it’s undertone (like so many idioms do) that seems to justify/celebrate that self destructive moment when you just…give up.” 
A pop icon who appears fully formed, perfectly realized, with no rough edges and a cast-in-stone persona, Allie X is not. The X she added to her name for this phase of her career is not insignificant. “If you need to become anonymous and wipe the slate clean, X gives you the power to do that,”she explains. “In mathematics, X represents the unknown quantity: it’s full of possibility. Once all the questions are solved, X becomes something else.” At that point, she explains, Allie X will have found the missing part of herself.“Eventually, if all goes according to plan, I won’t be Allie X any more,” she adds, “I’ll just be Allie.”

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