New Deal For Sarah McLachlan

Classic Canadian songstress Sarah McLachlan has singed with Verve records for the release of her new album, Shine On.

Shine On, the singer’s eighth studio album of her 26 year recording career, will be released on May 6 and is currently being recorded in Montreal and Vancouver. Helming is frequent collaborator Pierre Marchand with additional tracks by Bob Rock and Vincent Jones.

McLachlan describes the album: “This album is about moving through the second half of my life in a more mindful and meaningful way, recognizing that every day, every moment is precious and though we all have our issues and problems, our damages, we all have the ability to continue to learn, grow from our experiences, thrive and shine on. Many of the songs are inspired at least partially or wholly by my father’s passing three years ago and the profound effect losing him had on me. I had to find my footing again without the anchor of his unconditional love.”

Randy Lennox, President and CEO of Universal Music Canada, said “Sarah McLachlan is a Canadian treasure whose music and activism are celebrated globally. Sarah’s selfless investment in those in need is exhibited through her beautiful songwriting and adored by millions worldwide. It’s a privilege to partner with the entire Verve team, and we are charmed that Sarah now calls Verve and Universal her label home.”

David Foster, Chairman of Verve, added “We’re proud to welcome such an accomplished and beloved artist to Verve Records. Sarah’s captivating voice and undeniable talent has established her as a celebrated global artist with an ability to reach fans on a deeply emotional level. We look forward to what the future brings with Sarah McLachlan as part of the Verve Records family. I’ve always been an enormous fan.”

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