New Album & Tour for AC/DC!

AC/DC was officially forty years old on the last day of 2013, so the band figures it is appropriate to celebrate their anniversary with a new album and a tour.

Brian Johnson spoke with Andy Preston on 98.7 The Gater in Palm Beach where he was participating in a Grand Prix event, telling them:
‘We’ve been denying anything because we weren’t sure. One of our boys was pretty ill, so we didn’t like to say anything. We’re pretty private about things like this; he’s a very proud man.

‘But I think we’ll be going in the studio in May in Vancouver ‘ which means we should be getting ready.

‘It’s been 40 years of the band’s existence, so I think we’re going to try to go 40 gigs to thank the fans for their undying loyalty. We’re happy to go out even though we’re getting a bit long in the tooth ‘ I’m really looking forward to it.’

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