Madonna Rushes Second Single Release

Madonna has rushed the release of her second single Girls Gone Wild from the new album MDNA. Here is a 37 second snippet. MDNA will be released at the end of this month close to the kick off of Madonna’s world tour in Tel Aviv on May 29… then it will be Australia’s turn in early 2013! I can hear the restless natives already queuing up for tickets…

3 thoughts on “Madonna Rushes Second Single Release”

  1. Don't worry boys. This album is sic! All the reviews from media who've heard the full album are excellent. MDNA is gonna punch people in the face in the best possible way! I cannot wait! And as soon as the dates are announced, I'm booking tickets for my first trip to Australia.

    Brian! The full song is out. Here's the link for lyric video and teaser for the real video:

    Also, Madonna has more track teasers on her Facebook page.

  2. Not surprised at at this, her latest song is the worst song she has EVER done, its dreadful. Having said, this girls gone wild doesnt sound much better. What on earth is she doing?

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