Kylie’s Doing It For The Fans!

Kylie Minogue’s new music is ‘injected with freshness and vitality’.

The pop singer is preparing to release her twelfth studio album Into the Blue on Jay-Z’s Roc Nation record label.

And the veteran star claims the hip-hop mogul’s producers added an entirely new flavour to her well-known style.

‘The sound essentially retains my DNA, and what a Kylie song is, but I think that gives me room to manoeuvre because you have something like Can’t Get You Out Of My Head, to Slow, to I Believe in You to I Should Be So Lucky – it’s still within the pop/dance arena,’ she explained to Mail Online.

‘But what it has done for me most importantly, is injected a freshness and a vitality into doing what is basically what I’ve always done – I needed to have a fresh approach and Roc Nation has helped me do that.’

Kylie will perform some of her new tracks at an intimate concert in March, one of a series of #PricelessMoment events sponsored by MasterCard.

The singer confirms her famous golden hotpants, which she first donned in a music video for her 2000 single Spinning Around, might certainly make an appearance onstage.

‘I keep saying the hotpants are retired but they just keep coming back!’ she laughed.

Kylie is eager for fans to hear her fresh tunes, as she knows millions of listeners have been waiting on the edge of their seats for her music to be released.

‘The fans have, knowingly or unknowingly, really helped me through the past year – showing their support and their enthusiasm,’ she said.

‘Sometimes they’re pushy – ‘Where is it? Where is it? We want it now!’, and I’m thinking ‘I’m going as fast as I can go!’ – but it helps knowing that they’re keen, they’re hungry. So I wanted to give them the best meal that I can.’

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